Allen McDavid


Allen McDavid is an experienced marketing professional. Following graduation from East Carolina University School of Art in 1981, Allen spent nine years in the corporate communications world, including a 7-year stint as Art Director at Jefferson-Pilot Corporation. In 1989 he started McDavid & Holbrook Advertising, the first of several agencies he would help found including, SpyderByte Communications, Stratapult Studios, and Emisare, Inc. In his career Allen  worked with many major clients and brands including Hanes, Jefferson-Pilot Financial, AIG, eDiets, VoiceGlo, NoNonsense Hosiery, Purolator, Regal Boats, Burlington Socks and NC State Athletics. Additionally, Allen co-founded two non-profit organizations, Techcentricity and the Greensboro Center City Marketing Alliance.

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