Since 2008, we have produced an annual Downtown Winston-Salem  Guide, a comprehensive directory of downtown restaurants, shops, pubs, etc. Although originally called a “visitors’ guide”, it soon became clear that the booklets were very popular with downtown workers and other locals who kept them for regular reference. As a result, we dropped “visitors” from the title. For our 2019 edition we have decided to add a Professional Services section to our 2019 edition.

Hyper-Local Advertising

The term is relatively new, but the concept is not. How can you economically and effectively reach people who are most likely to become your customer, without having to pay to reach everyone else?

The Downtown Guide is a prime example of Hyper-Local Advertising. It is an effective way for downtown businesses to get their names in front of people who need to know. Sometimes that means reaching new customers who work or live just a couple of blocks away. And it works. As an owner of a retail shop in downtown Greensboro for 19 years,

we have had many a customer come in with a Guide in hand. 

The approach is simple. The printed Downtown Guides are strategically placed in high trafficked areas, all within a mile radius around each downtown. Because they are attractive they get picked up and your message gets in front of people who are already interacting with downtown and at that moment are within a mile (or just blocks) of your business. That prospect may be a visitor, a city resident or downtown worker. 


Unlike newspapers, printed guides are still heavily used, and more efficient than their digital counterparts. It's much faster to flip pages than to click and scroll. 

- Allen McDavid

The Original Local

It is our belief that those who live in and/or actively engaged with downtown prefer to patronize downtown businesses when they can. It’s a part of our “Downtown, the Original Local” strategy.

Downtowns were The Original Local destination for American consumers, so it seems only proper that their renewed success is being driven by locally owned businesses. That’s why we created the Original Local concept, of which our Downtown Guides are a part

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